Thursday, May 15, 2014

JOKERMAN (Lyon 1994-07-05)

This video is a preview from the forthcoming Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration DVD by Madhasse, out May 24th.

Bob is playing Jokerman here as opener for the show in Lyon, France (1994-07-05), the 3rd concert of the European Summer Tour. For all shows but one it will be in the number one spot, while during all other 1994 Tours - US Spring, US Summer and US Fall - it will hold that position. We don't see much of the band, but they are all there: John Jackson, Bucky Baxter, Tony Garnier and of course Winston Watson.
The scene plays in the Théâtre Antique de Fourvière, built by the Romans just before BC.  

We are told that this years DVD will be different, but it's unknown in what way. Also, other tracks are not yet announced so we have to do with this preview. The Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration DVD will be for free download at the usual sites, but in a much better quality than we have to use here. As usual the links will be posted at

You can download the file of this video as MPG at: